How To Install Drivers in Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop

dell inspiron n5110 laptop price in pakistan


One Of the most common problem faced by the users of any laptop or computer is how they can install the hardwares drivers after installing operating system. Sometimes drivers of some hardwares are automatically installed by operating systems specially in windows 7 while we installing windows updates.

Installing Drivers for DELL Laptops

DELL INC. supports it’s users in installing drivers for all it’s products directly from DELL SUPPORT

A few days back my freind bought a Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop and broaght to me for intalling drivers after installing windows 7 ultimate. Most of the drivers were installed automatically with windows updates except Standard Graphics VGA CARD DRIVER, SM BUS CONTROLLER DRIVER & USB PORTS DRIVERS, another big issue was that before installing drivers the system battery backup was only 1.5 hours approximately 90 minutes.

As I have already mentioned that DELL Inc. provides drivers for all it products at, installing these drivers is very easy if we go through a simple step by step procedure.

  • GO to DELL.COM
  • Insert your laptop’s service tag
  • Choose the option of all available drivers
  • Before any other driver Download & install DELL SYSTEM DETECT
  • Then Download & Install DELL SYSTEM UTILITY .”This will increase the battery time to approximately 4 hours.”
  • Then Install DELL CHIP SET DRIVERS . “This will install SM BUS CONTROLLER DRIVER”
  • After These Download & install other available drivers like CPU etc to ensure that your dell laptop work at best efficiency level.

Hope you will find this article helpfull.


Always buy DELL LAPTOPS from DELL AUTHORIZED RE-SELLER & BUSINESS PARTNER & always install drivers from DELL.COM following the above procedure.

Dell Brings Touch Screen Inspiron 3421 Series At attractive Price in Pakistan

First Time In Pakistan a Great Change Brought By Dell !

Acer Was First 

TouchScreen is a new fascinating Interface for SmartPhones and Tablets. Although Many Other Brands Like Acer has Already introduced touch screen Acer Aspire v5 with Core i5 Laptop but thats a bit costly and a limited Range of Touch Laptops in Pakistani Market this I am talking about Low Price Series In Pakistan.

Dell Won the Low Price tag

INSPIRON N3421 touch screen price in pakistan

The most Interesting Thing about Inspiron 5421 is that its the regular Inspiron Series which has already occupied a reasonable share in Pakistani Market by bringing in low price and High Specs Laptops like

Dell Inspiron  n3520 sereis starting from 45,000Rs

Dell Inspiron n3521 Series starting from 39,900 Rs

Dell Inspiron 5423 Series starting from 52,900 Rs

Dell Inspiron n5520 Series Starting From 49,000Rs

And Now Its a new Flavor Of touch with such a Good , Affordable price.

Currently At Computer Point Dell Inspiron 3421 is available in i3 at the price of 60,000Rs  with 500GB hard disk and 4gb Ram.

Interesting thing about it is its 14 inch Handy Laptop and with this Price its seems to be Touch is at very Low price as already Dell inspiron n3521 with i5 costs RS 55,000 to 59,000RS with this specs. The over all cost for touch is around RS 5000 to 7,000 thats A great Deal for those Who are curious about touch on Laptops.

Other Models With Touch Screen Are

Dell Inspiron N3421 Touch i5 Rs 64,900

with Core i5 Third Gen , 500 Gb harddisk, 4gb Ram in 14 inch size

Dell Inspiron N3421 Touch i5 with 1GB Graphics Card Rs 68,900

with core i5 , 500 Gb Hard Disk , 4gb Ram, 14 inch Screen and 1 GB Dedicated Graphic Card.

Perfect To Try Touch Windows 8 on touch Laptop.
A picture Gallery and Video from Computer Point’s Demo will Be uploaded Soon On facebook and Blog As well.
Visit Today to See live Demo At our Display Center IN lahore.