iPhone X preorders are now live


Preorders are now live for Apple’s iPhone X, following the announcement of the new smartphone back in September at Apple’s annual iPhone event.

The iPhone X is available now on Apple’s website and mobile store app, as well as through the various major carriers and retailers like Best Buy and Target. For a full guide to preordering the new phone, check out our more detailed list here. The new devices are expected to start shipping on November 3rd, though delivery dates are likely to slip back by weeks or months.

In case you need a reminder, the iPhone X comes in either silver (i.e., white) or space grey (i.e., black). Apple is selling two models — one with 64GB of storage that costs $999, and a 256GB model for $1,149. The biggest new features on the device are a new bezel-less design with a 5.8-inch OLED display, along with a new Face ID system that uses facial recognition for unlocking your phone. Other improvements like the A11 Fusion processor and the addition of wireless charging that were introduced with the iPhone 8 will also appear on the X.

Demand for the new phone is expected to be extremely high, so if you’ve managed to read this far through this post, it’s probably already too late, especially considering reports of supply issues due to difficulty in manufacturing sensors.


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Honda made a very cute self-driving cooler


Tech and coolers don’t always mix, as evidenced by the fiasco surrounding the successful-then-disastrous Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign. Honda is all out to change that at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, however: behold the Honda RoboCas Concept.

What is the Honda RoboCas Concept? Well. Honda calls it a “a unique form of electric mobility” that was “born to make each person’s ideas and dreams come true.” Its “use is limited only by the imagination.”

Or in other words, it’s a self-driving cooler with LED eyes.

The RoboCas design is clearly of a piece with the Sports EV concept car that Honda also unveiled at the show this year. Honda imagines people using it to open cafes or curry shops wherever they may roam. RoboCas…

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Google’s Pixel 2 gets a $100 price cut on iPhone X day


Happy iPhone X preorder day!

If you’re an Android user that doesn’t mean much. But, lucky for you, if you were eyeing an Android flagship, Best Buy is currently offering a $100 savings on the Google Pixel 2 (the Pixel 2 XL isn’t part of the deal). The sale is limited to all colors and capacities of the Verizon Pixel 2, and requires a two year contract.

For the 64GB model it’s $22.91 a month for 2 years, rather than the regular $27.08, which saves you $4.17 each month for the life of the contract. So you’ll be paying $550 for your device instead of $650. If you prefer a larger storage option, the Pixel 2 with 128GB is $27.08 per month, down from $31.25. It’s important to note though, that if you buy the device outright you won’t get the…

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Launched Today! Intel’s 8th generation Processors more efficiency & Speed

Intel 8th generation ProcessorIntel's 8th generation Processors

Launched Today Intel’s 8th Generation processors, Efficiency and Speed at it’s peak.

Intel has launched it’s 8th Generation Processors today, with a bold claim that the new Intel’s 8th generation Processors will provide 40% better experience in terms of speed over its’ predeccessor  Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake Chip Processors.

The Intel’s 8th Generation processors Chips are supposed to handle things more competently as it is a combination of Generational change and technology upgrade. In the Past Intel has either used a generational upgrades to its new chip based processors like for example, Shifting from 22nm to 14nm between Haswell and Broadwell Processors, or they offered an improved version of the previous generation’s architecture like SKYLAKE (An upgraded version of 14nm node).

The eighth era chips, through, without precedent for the Core line will be doing a blend of both. Getting declared today is a revived adaptation of the Kaby Lake engineering that makes up the seventh era processors (based on the 14nm+ innovation hub), however later discharges in the eight era will offer the up and coming 14++ (Coffee Lake) and 10nm (Cannon Lake) advancements, as well.

Be that as it may, for the present, Intel is concentrating its news today on a quite limit cut of its eighth era line: two new Core i7 chips, and two new i5 chips, both in the organization’s U Series of tablet processors. Yet, while the inside design may look like the current seventh gen Kaby Lake lineup, there’s some huge speed enhancements contrasted with the last era of up to 40 percent. Intel says that change is to a great extent because of the new chips all getting two additional centers, with every one of the four eighth gen models offer four centers/eight strings. Moreover, the organization says its influenced upgrades to the outline and assembling procedure to additionally enhance to speed.

The Intel’s 8th Generation Processors Additional features:

The new chips are additionally intended to deal with things like stuff like 4K video, VR, 3D, and other late improves on a stage wide level. The incorporated HD 620 illustrations incorporated with the last era of U Series processors is additionally getting rebranded to mirror that adjustment in center as UHD 620 Graphics. The new name is to a great extent corrective, however, given that the coordinated GPU stays unaltered from the past model — the enhancements in execution are centered around the CPU.

While it may not be the hop to the following 14nm++ Coffee Lake engineering that many were hoping to dispatch the eighth era line, Intel says that taking a gander at it from an end client side of things rather than from an entirely specialized one, the redesign is sufficiently huge for a generational rebranding. Intel is additionally situating the new eighth era chips towards clients with more seasoned PCs, taking note of that while ebb and flow era Kaby Lake proprietors will see a direct lift in execution, clients overhauling from say, a five year-old Ivy Bridge framework would see over twofold the speed from their ebb and flow frameworks.

 Expected Launch of Intel’s 8th generation processors Laptops:

Intel is stating that the primary portable laptops with the new Intel 8th generation chips processors will be accessible from OEM accomplices beginning in September. As is normal for Intel, the organization was tight-lipped when it came to other up and coming eighth era items, in spite of the fact that it said that more data on things like desktop chips, venture items, and all the more effective devotee portable workstation chips would be expected later in the fall. Furthermore, looking farther to the future, the organization has just begun to produce it’s next cutting edge stage, the 10nm++ Ice Lake family that will in the end succeed the recently declared chips.


Intel’s 8th Generation Processors Introduction Video:

We have found this video that explains Intel 8th Generation Processors. Check this out for more info.

NOTE: We have just found and embedded this video for User Information. We do not take any guarantee accuracy of the information provided in this video.

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HP Compaq 4300 all in one PC Price in Pakistan

HP COMPAQ 4300 All In One Desktop PC Price and Specs in Pakistan

Yes an All in One PC which means that you don’t need much space for your desktop any more. Only a LED placed at your desk and it is a complete computer for you. Everything is included Mother Board, processor, , Ram, Hard Disk, Graphics Card, DVD Drive, USB Ports, Multimedia Ports and off course a LED Screen Monitor all assembled altogether.

HP COMPAQ 4300 Specifications with price in Pakistan:

Major Specs of HP Compaq 4300 all in one Desktop PC are as follows:

Processor: Intel Dual Core upgrade able to Intel Core I3 and Core I5

Ram: 4 Gb

Hard Disk: 1 T.B i.e 1000 GB

Monitor: 20 inches LED Monitor

Wifi Support  : Yes

Optical Drive: DVD R/W

Keyboard and Mouse: HP Keyboard Mouse

New or Refurbished: Refurbished Model

Warranty : One Year Local Warranty from COMPUTER POINT

Price in Pakistan: Rs:40,000/-

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