intel 4th Generation proccessors with DDR4 Ram

Intel 4th Generation processors (Haswell bridge)

Intel launched this year the 4th Generation processors named haswell bridge as the last one 3rd Generation was the ivy bridge. This upgrade is awesome and having more speed then earlier and intel introduced new graphics named iris graphics. Iris graphics processors are more comfortable then the earlier graphics processors. This upgrade of processor chips changes the graphics processors age. First time GDDR4 graphics in intel processor. 50% of hard core gamers like this upgrade and using it. But only on 20 fps HD Games having some resolution problems. But the majority of the gamers are supporting that now there is no need of any graphics card in desktops to play games….

Intel introducing DDR4 Ram

In the 2nd half of 2013 or may be in 2014’s first half intel is launching a new ram DDR4. In this ram intel increase the frequency of ram to the maximum till now. This ram’s frequency starts from 2133 MHz and maximum at the 4.2 GHz. Its increasing from 2133 MHz in four level in such a way that its maximum level is at 4.2 GHz. Its just looking like the ram got the speed more then a cpu. If this is right what you say about this upgrade? up-to me, this is the awesome upgrade  and nearly I want to get this as early as this product came to the market. Simply I want to say that intel is working smartly to make machines smart by introducing there smart products.

Intel introducing Haswell-E bridge processors

With DDR4 intel introducing Haswell-E bridge processors. These chips will be capable of more then you think about them. These are not remains chips these are now going smart processors. Changing the world of computers and running more then the speed ever you use and you need. Haswell-Extreme generation processors are more smarter then ever before  and graphics using in these processors will be more powerful ever before using in processors. GDDR4 graphics with more powerful enhancements and there graphics bit-rate. Now you can enjoy hard core gaming or also use for professional work never like before but it is more capable of.



Intel 4th generation processors

DDR4 Ram from intel

Intel 4th generation processors (Haswell-E bridge)


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